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The Modal / Mostraumen cruise is the best one day cruise in Bergen.

Modal drone.jpg

With it's ideal location right in the heart of the Norwegian Fjord region, Bergen is the perfect start for a day-cruise to one of the world's biggest scenic attractions. Bergen is located between the Hardangefjord and the Sognefjord, two of the most magnificent fjords in Norway, and the longest fjords in the world. 

Iselina Bella in Modal 3.jpg

Modalen is a hidden gem deep in the Osterfjorden. If you want to experience vast mountain regions, fjords and waterfalls, Modalen is a great natural gateway to this landscape.


This is normaly a fulldaycruise, which starts from the city centre of Bergen. This is a private cruise for you and your family, up to 12 people. The tour includes fjord sightseeing, waterfall and allocated time for  excursion and lunch in the remote local village of Modalen.

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