Bergen - Flåm private cruise

From Bergen and in the worlds longest fjord, to Flåm and Gudvangen

  • 10 hours
  • 8,200 euros

About the cruise

We start in Bergen after breakfast, and cruise slowly up the fjords from Bergen towards Sognefjord. Enjoy small fjords and island, the archipelago outside Bergen, while cruising towards the longest fjord in the world. We stop for lunch at Skjerjehamn, on an island before we start the cruise in the Sognefjord: After lunch we continue, and go towards Balestrand, where we dock for the night: Kvikne`s is a traditional and lovely hotel with an old style, and a lot of comfort. You chose if you want to sleep in the boat, or at the hotel. We reccomend the hotel, for more space, comfort, and a lovely breakfast the next day. Day 2 start after breakfast, where we cruise over to Nærøyfjorden, where we slowly enjoy the narrow and silent fjord towards Gudvangen. We turn around and go back out Nærøyfjord, and go to Flåm. In Flåm there are many ways to continue the day or journey, or stay over ine one of the nice hotels. Cruise from Bergen includes various snacks and refreshments all the way (wine, water, beer, soft drinks, water, fresh fruits, etc), lunch and dinner is not included. Hotel is also extra, if you chose that. We give you an unforgettable private experience from Bergen and in the Sognefjord to Flåm, and will be you guide and captain all the way.