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Bergen - Rosendal full day roundtrip

  • 8 hours
  • 3,600 euros

About the cruise

We take you and your friends or family from Bergen - Rosendal, and back to Bergen. We wait for you in Rosendal while you explore the Baroniet, the Rosendal Gardens and Folgefonnsenteret, or have lunch/ dinner. In total this trip will take 8 hours, including time in Rosendal (2,5 hrs cruise each way). This is a lovely trip through nice landscape with scenery and small islands on the way. Narrow fjords as well, and a large waterfall (Firebergsfossen) going down to the Fjord. Ludvig Rosenkrantz and Karen Mowatt’s little manor from the 1660s is surrounded by beautiful and historic grounds, including a Renaissance garden, a romantic landscape garden and the kitchen garden. From Rosendal Garden you get a grand view of the enveloping mountains Malmangernuten, melderskin and Laurdalstind, and of the waterfall Hattebergfossen and Hardangerfjorden. The garden has been built up over several hundred years of changing styles and fashions in gardening, Here you can experience more than 300 years of garden history. Enjoy the trip from the flybridge, or the nice lounge inside, or aft deck, while having some snacks and refreshments. 2 double cabins and 2 bathrooms. Lunch onboard if wanted. Always refreshments included onboard.


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