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Cruise the longest Fjord in the World

2 day - 1 night cruise to Sognefjord with Flåm, Nærøyfjord, Gudvangen

  • 28 hours
  • 8,900 euros

About the cruise

The Sognefjord, nicknamed the King of the Fjords, is the largest and deepest fjord in Norway. Walk directly from your hotel in Bergen to our yacht, and start a 2 day - 1 night cruise to the Sognefjord, with Balestrand, Nærøyfjorden and Flåm. We start at Bryggen in Bergen after breakfast, and start cruising out the fjords of Bergen, through the archipelago, passing small islands and fjords on the way. Our pulse is low, and we just enjoy the lovely surroundings on the way, and after 3 hours we reach Skjerjehamn, where we stop for lunch: We then continue towards the Sognefjord, and will enter the main fjord 1 hour after lunch. We start cruising in the long fjord, sorrounde by mountains. After 4 hours we will reach Balestrand, where we will stay over the night. You can chose if you want to stay in the boat over the night, or go to Kviknes Hotel: If you sleep in the yacht, it will be entirely yours, and you have the evening and night by yourself. We reccomend dinner at the Kviknes Hotel, a 20 seccond walk from the boat. The next morning you will have breakfast at the hotel, before we continue to cruise in the Sognefjord towards Nærøyfjorden, Gudvangen and Flåm. For more info, please see In Flåm you leave the boat, and have lunch before you enter the Flåm railway, said to be the most beautiful train-journey in the world: The Flåm railway is connected with the train back to Bergen at the top, or you can take the train back down to Flåm (roundtrip), and our VIP car will take you back to Bergen (max 4 pax) Price is including fjord-cruise with overnight in the boat, or one room at the Kviknes hotel. Included and available on the boat is also various snacks and refreshments (beer, water, wine, sod, nuts, fruits, etc). Lunch, dinner not included, but we will book and coordinate for you. We are looking forward to see you for this lovely fjord-cruise. 3 cabins + 2 bathrooms available, max 6 guests (4 adults + 2 kids)



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