Fyksesund with waterfalls

  • 4 hours
  • 1,200 euros

About the cruise

We take you from Norheimsund to the long and narrow pristine fjord Fyksesund, and back to Norheimsund. Cruising time to Fyksesund is about 1 hour at slow speed, where we enjoy the nice nature, fjord and view. We have no rush, we want to give you the best possible experience. Nice nature, beautiful fjords, high mountains. In the pristine Fyksesund fjord, you will explore the narrow and pristine fjord with only untouched nature, waterfalls and silence. No cruise-ships, and barely any people. We enjoy the waterfalls directly down to the boat, where you can have a shower if you want, or taste the fresh mountain water from the waterfalls. Enjoy the silence, or go for a swim in the fjord. Always snacks and refreshments included in the cruise, or enjoy the food you bring along on our panoramic Flybridge. Lunch onboard if ordered, or we can stop at a restaurant along the route. When finished, we slowly cruise back to the Norheimsund. We guarantee a nice day on the fjord :)