Modal/ Mostraumen fjord cruise 8 hours

The best one-day Fjord cruise experience from Bergen

  • 8 hours
  • 2,400 euros

About the cruise

The best one-day Fjord cruise experience from Bergen is a nice trip from Bergen City centre to Mostraumen and Modalen. Avoid the crowded passenger ferries, and go for a private tailor made experience with departure time when it suits you. Typical departure from Bergen 09:30, watching the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bryggen from the seaside with the beautiful backdrop of the seven mountains surrounding the city, including Mount Fløyen and Mount Ulriken. We then slowly cruise up the fjords from Bergen. The scenery changes gradually from when we leave the second largest city in Norway, passing the suburbs Sandviken and Eidsvåg, to when we arrive at the narrow remote fjords and villages with beautiful waterfalls. At the waterfall in Modalen you can shower under the waterfall from the boats foredeck, or taste the fresh mountain water. The atmosphere shifts from busy city life, to a quiet and pristine landscape and surroundings. We then dock in the village of Mo for a break, where you can have lunch at the small local cafe and explore the village on your own. No other tours stop in Mo, so this is a great opportunity. http://www.mobryggja.no/ (lunch not included) Enjoy the quietness and nice nature during this full day cruise. As your host we will do our utmost to give you a memorable experience! This will give you and your family a full day exclusive experience. You will have a very good time onboard, and you will enjoy the trip ashore for lunch up in the end of the fjord. An unforgettable experience in the Bergen fjords. When you already spend time going to Bergen to see the fjords, this is a good investment in a experience and once in a lifetime memories with your family. Cruise is for the enire boat, incuding refreshments and snack on the trip, and guaranteed good atmosphere onboard. We wish you warm welcome to our private cruise, just for you.