A fjord is a deep, narrow and elongated sea, with steep land on the sides.

The fjords were formed by glacier tongues that through several ice ages have shaped the landscape.


The Modal / Mostraumen cruise is the best one day cruise in Bergen.

With it’s ideal location right in the heart of the Norwegian Fjord region, Bergen is the perfect start for a day-cruise to one of the world’s biggest scenic attractions. Bergen is located between the Hardangefjord and the Sognefjord, two of the most magnificent fjords in Norway, and the longest fjords in the world.

Modalen is a hidden gem deep in the Osterfjorden. If you want to experience vast mountain regions, fjords and waterfalls, Modalen is a great natural gateway to this landscape.

This is normaly a fulldaycruise, which starts from the city centre of Bergen. This is a private cruise for you and your family, up to 12 people. The tour includes fjord sightseeing, waterfall and allocated time for excursion and lunch in the remote local village of Modalen.

The Modal / Mostraumen cruise is the best one day cruise in Bergen.


The fifth longest fjord in the world

The Fjords, the mountains and the glacier. Waterfalls, hundreds of thousands fruit trees, national parks and vibrant villages.

The Hardangerfjord is the second longest fjord in Norway – and the area contains all the best Norway has to offer. With a rich food and cider production, cultural history, world-renowned icons and unique nature experiences.

There are only a few places in the world where you can go skiing and swim in the fjord on the same day. No matter what season you decide to visit, the wow factor is the same. It is not without reason that the Hardangerfjord region has inspired tourists, artists, and writers for hundreds of years.

The unique nature in Hardanger is simply breathtaking, and the best way to explore it is in a private yacht cruising the fjord.

A masterpiece of nature’s work

A fjord is a U-shaped undersea valley, and this valley is often surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery. In Hardanger some of the Glacier is still found on top of the mountains, the Folgefonna Glacier. We reccomend a combined tour with Fjord Cruise and Glacier visit, this can be done in one day.

A beautiful landscape with snow-clad mountains, blue glaciers, deep gorges, cascading waterfalls and tiny fertile villages strung like glowing green pearls along the fjord line. This extraordinary landscape is today inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. We are ready to take you into the fjord all year around – as close to the nature as you can get!

«A masterpiece of nature’s work» wrote Charles Boilieu Elliott in 1830 about Ullensvang. After crossing the Hardangervida plateau he stood at the top of the steep mountain side, looking down on the Hardangerfjord, the Folgefonna glacier, beautiful waterfalls and tiny villages and farms.

Unfortunately he could not go on a fjorcruise with us, but since the arrival of the first tourist, many more have followed. The scenery and the local culture of the Hardangerfjord attracted many artists in the 19th and 20th centuries. Like composer Edvard Grieg, who was a guest in Ullensvang many summers, where he found inspiration to write music.