The Fykesund fjord in Kvam is a majestic destination for one of our private fjord expeditions.

The Norwegian fjords

The Norwegian fjords are deep, narrow and elongated stretches of sea, with steep mountainous formations on each side.

The great fjords were formed by glacier tongues, that through several ice ages were carved into the Norwegian landscape.


The best one-day fjord cruise in Bergen

Modalen Fjord as seen from the yacht. A very popular destination for our private fjord cruises.

Nestled amidst the heart of the Norwegian fjords, Bergen is the perfect starting point for an awe-inspiring one-day cruise to one of the world’s most remarkable scenic attractions. Bergen, being situated between the magnificent Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord, offers a gateway to Norway’s longest and most breathtaking fjords.

Discover the hidden gem of Modalen, located deep within the Osterfjorden. Modalen beckons with its expansive mountainous landscapes, fjords, and captivating waterfalls, creating an unparalleled natural escape.

Our full-day Modalen cruise departs from Bergen’s city center, providing an intimate experience for you and your family, accommodating up to 12 passengers. Delight in scenic fjord vistas, enchanting waterfalls, and enjoy an enriching village excursion with lunch. It’s undoubtedly one of the finest one-day cruises from Bergen, promising an extraordinary journey within the Norwegian Fjords.


The 5th longest fjord in the world

A drone view of Utne in the Norwegian Hardangerfjord. Taken during a private fjord cruise.

As the second largest fjord in Norway, the Hardangerfjord encapsulates the very essence of this stunning country. Here, you’ll find a rich tapestry of culinary traditions, cider production, cultural heritage, world-famous landmarks, and unparalleled natural wonders, definitely making it a sight to behold.

There’s very few places in the world where you can go skiing and swim in a fjord on the same day. Regardless of the season, the «Wow» factor remains constant. It’s no wonder that the Hardangerfjord has captivated tourists, artists, and writers for centuries. With its unique and awe-inspiring beauty, the best way to enjoy the Hardangerfjord’s beauty is surely aboard a private yacht.


The King of the fjords

Sognefjorden is located on the west coast of Norway and is called the King of the fjords. With its length of 200 kilometers, it makes it to Norway’s longest fjord.

According to UNESCO, the landscape around one of the fjord arms of Sognefjorden, called Nærøyfjorden, is “among the most scenically outstanding anywhere”. Which is why it has a place on the World Heritage List

The fjords are a spectacular sight any time of year. Most people visit the fjords in the summer, but the winter experience is becoming more and more popular. The days are short in winter, so you might want to take that into account when planning your stay. The fjords with the snow-covered mountains can be a stunning sight in winter.

A masterpiece of nature’s work

A fjord, with its distinctive U-shaped undersea valley, often cradles itself amidst dramatic mountainous scenery. In Hardanger, glimpses of the Folgefonna Glacier can still be seen crowning the mountaintops. We highly recommend combining your tour with both a fjord cruise and a glacier visit, an extraordinary dual adventure which can be done in a single day.

This enchanting landscape showcases snow-clad mountains, serene blue glaciers, deep gorges, cascading waterfalls, and charming villages resembling green pearls adorning the fjord’s edge. Recognized for its beauty and significance, this scenery is rightfully placed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. We are prepared to transport you deep into the heart of the fjord all year around, to provide you with an authentic connection with nature.

In 1830, Charles Boilieu Elliott stood atop a steep mountainside overlooking the Hardangerfjord, Folgefonna glacier, picturesque waterfalls and quaint villages. His words still ring true today, describing this captivating region as a «masterpiece of nature’s work».

Although he couldn’t embark on a fjord cruise with us, many tourists have since visited this region. The spellbinding scenery and rich local culture of the Hardangerfjord have captivated artists for centuries, including renowned composer Edvard Grieg, who found inspiration during his summer visits to Ullensvang, where he penned some of his most renowned compositions.